Explore Unique Pendants To Set the Mood of A Bar with Right Lighting Ideas

16 Feb 2021

Whether one is drinking from a home, bar, or a pub across the street, no one wants to spend their quality time at a place with dull lighting. And this is one element that can really tie the audience to space and can make a bar cozy, vibrant, or inviting. Whatever vibe one is trying to create with the right bar lighting ideas, one can achieve it.

If working on upgrading the look of the bar space, don’t make the place too bright - the best bar lights are opaque and a little bit dull. They give the surrounding an intimate mood ideal for drinking and socializing and a bit of enhanced lighting will further add to your relaxation.

With this in mind, let’s explore how bar lighting ideas can improve the appearance, style, and mood of the place. It’s about exploring ideas for sustained business growth.

Bar Lighting Ideas 

There are numerous lighting ideas for bars. But one of the best that is rising in popularity is Pendants. When used in the right way they can transform even an old and dingy space into a bright and beautiful area. Buyers can choose from a variety of pendants that perfectly go with the design and aesthetics of the bar. Explore some of the unique pendants that can add personality and character to the bar.

1. Linear pendant lights for the counter area

Lighting the counter area with a linear pendant light is ideal for improving the functionality of the space. The light illuminates the counter area directly while leaving the other parts of the room opaque. The most ideal pendants are the Three Light Linear Pendants In Yellow And White Hues. This white-yellow combination spreads happy vibes and makes the space welcoming.

2. Each pendant for a specific area

Buyers can choose the mini pendants to fit their particular regions like corners. Doing so will make sure the space is lit adequately, looking stylish, and has the right mood. Pendants, as you already know, will shine a limited amount of light that is not so bright, giving the place a friendly mood. The mini pendant illuminates the area just below it and shadows the rest of the area - giving it a dramatic view. For instance, the tulip-shaped pendant light available in wood and glass could make a perfect decorative light, to match your décor. Your customers can get several pieces and fit them at the desired height.

3. Get creative with several pendant designs in the bar

When using pendants to light and accessorize the bar, the buyers will need multiple pieces. They can mix up various designs and hues to create the kind of ambiance they desire. Doing so will make the space look unique and beautiful, not to mention stylish. For instance, one can fit a pattern of alternating Chained Etched Pearl with the flower-shaped ones at different heights to give the bar an interesting look.

4. Large pendant for the home bar

A home bar is ideally smaller and less complicated than a commercial bar. For this reason, one can fit just a single, large, three-light pendant in the middle to illuminate the entire area. The Pendant Inspired by the Traditional Lantern gives light adequate for the house bar. Set the mood for a loved one or friend’s when sharing a favorite beer in the evening. The pendants from Destiny Creations will blend in completely with any house décor and give the room sophistication as well as functionality.

Pendant Lights are different from other lightings, as they are used to illuminate a specific area only. And one may need to use several pieces to achieve the desired outcome.

Tips for Brightening A Bar

  • Use warm lighting. The likes of overhead lights and candles give the bar a sense of relaxation and joy.
  • Use different pendant lights for the counter area and the bar area. The counter needs much brighter light to function, while the bar area requires an intimate, less bright light.
  • Adjust the height of overhead lights to suit the room space from the ceiling to avoid accidents.
  • The design of the bar dictates the position of the pendants.

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Destiny Creations boasts top-notch craftsmanship and is a leading handicraft items manufacturers in India, that presents to you premium quality pendants of a unique shape, pattern, length, and size. We design wooden handicraft items like pendants to suit any space, a bar or home. As far as a home bar is concerned, we offer ideal home decor items like pendants to set the mood.

If your buyers already have any bar lighting ideas to enhance the aesthetics of their space, pendants from destiny creations can help you. While the above-discussed options are a few of them, there are many more designs to choose from. Head over to our pendants collection page and explore your preferences!