A Handy Guide to Layering Lights Powered by Destiny Creations

03 Apr 2021

With this, beautiful lighting sources play the major role in the impact of home decor. Having the stylish furniture in your home that’s being feng shui-ed to your heart’s desire and also won’t create the same effect if you are using one illumination source either a table lamp or wall sconce. Just as a house owner or an interior designer would layer the different colors or fabrics to add the spark in the home decor. Similarly, we, the lightning designers, recommend using layer lightning that will not only enhance the aesthetic charm but also gives a unique and stylish touch to your interiors.

But what is layering of lights and why is it important? What types of lights are used in layering? Hence, here is why Destiny Creations presents you a blog to address all of these questions.

What is layering of lights?

From the term, “Layering lights”, it refers to the combination of different sources of lights in a single room to create a cohesive, harmonious and visual interest in any theme of the space. Basically, these types of lights are considered for layering of lights; Ambient lighting, Accent Lighting and Task Lighting.

Why Layering of Lights Important in Home Appeal?

Have you ever been inside a normal street shop dressing room or a restaurant bathroom and wondered why the reflection of yours seems less than appealing? It may be because these locations tend to lack multiple sources of lights or layering lights causing unfavorable shadows instead of even many washes of lights. While we can see such types of lightning designs in malls and classy departmental stores for whom aesthetic appearance is high priority. Also, it should be on priority when it comes to your customers dream home and any other area where a balanced and a comfortable aura is a desirable factor.

What Types of Lights can be used for Layering?

Ambient Lighting: First Layer of Home Lighting

The first layer and important part of lights in your home is ambient lightning. It is one of the basic and general lighting of your home which evenly enlightens your space. As a general thumb rule, it takes 20 lumens per square foot to create an adequate ambient lighting. To create perfect ambient lighting, here are the certain types of lights. The light fixtures that can be mounted on the ceiling and provides light mainly for general vision and orientation. Examples of ambient lighting include pendants or Chandeliers. Since ambient lighting is usually uniform and diffuse, it can come across as boring, which is why the next layer of lighting is required. From our collection, Lotus Sarowar Pendant, Hardwood Wall Sconce, Modern Circle Chandelier are the ideal options to pick for ambient lighting.

Task Lighting: Second Layer of Home Lighting

This type of lighting is just as how this sounds, it provides the illumination for specific tasks. When shopping for such types of lights, you must consider for what designated purpose you’re gone to use. Like for reading and studying while on bed, you can choose from our table lamps that include Rose Gold Table Lamp, glass table lamp etc. Whereas pendant lighting is used for highlighting small areas like kitchen island, entrance console table etc. For instance, Antiquarian Pendant, Antique Iron Glass Pendant are the popular choices for this category from our collection.

Accent Lighting: Third Layer of Home Lighting

The wall decor, your photo memories, and some artistic details of your home requires more attention to highlight their characteristics, depth and dimension. Therefore, accent lightings are used for aesthetic purposes to spotlight the features of ornamental pieces of home. As a general thumb rule is that the accent lighting should be 3 times brighter than the surrounding ambient lighting for maximum impact. It is also known as “directional lighting”, and can be provided by wall sconces, chandeliers, or careful positioned table lamps. For instance, Modern Glass Chandelier, 8-Light Wooden Chandelier, Wooden Wall Sconce, Hardwood Wall Sconce, Rustic Green Table Lamp are the best accent lighting options you can shop from our collection.

Tips for Layering Lights

Here are some important aspects you must consider while going ahead with layering lights in your home.

Invest in Control Device

Once you have chosen the layering of lights for your home and shop the lamps and lightings for the same. Then, you could invest in a central control device for switching and dimming of the lights.

Use lamps for all types of lights

The world is your canvas to the imagination. There are unlimited options for lamps and lightings so use them for all these three kinds of layering lights. For example, wall sconces can be used for ambient lighting or for task lighting as reading or accent lighting if positioned under a particular architectural feature like kitchen island, etc.

The Natural Light matters

When designing the layers of light in your home, then, don’t forget to take account of the natural lighting in an entire room. Bear in mind that you don’t make the choice of big lamps and lighting in layering of lights that can block the natural sunlight.

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