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16 Apr 2021

Once Victor Hugo said, “To see the beauty is to see the light”. Hence, to see the actual beauty of the home decor, it must adorn with the ceiling lights. But, gone are the days when the boring design of ceiling lights is used by your buyers for home decor. Today, modern ceiling lighting fixtures are available with stylish and impressive designs. Ceiling lights are not just limited to basic flush mount designs. But, contemporary designs ranging from single-sleek pendants to industrial style flush mounts are popularly used. Further, small and big chandeliers are also a part of the modern ceiling light fixtures.

But, why should the buyers choose modern lighting fixtures? Lighting fixtures are the magical ingredients that break up the monotony of decor and brighten up space quickly. Especially, when it comes to ceiling lights, they hang on the ceiling and brighten up your buyer’s space broadly. So when your buyers reach you for decorating their space which typically covers the major working areas like the kitchen, dining area, and bathroom, these lights will add an astonishing look to their interiors.

It can even be used in the conference rooms of offices and is best to use for commercial spaces. Modern ceiling lights are used to illuminate and create a stylish spot. Other than solving this purpose, these lights add aesthetic value to the decor and change the overall mood and tone of the room.

Where do ceiling lights work best?

Whatever the space size, modern ceiling lights work best not even in homes but in commercial spaces too. Like, in restaurants, pathways, hospitals, cafes, mall dressing rooms, hotels, etc, they will easily illuminate your buyer’s space and enhance the overall aesthetics through their stylish designs.

Types of Modern Ceiling light fixtures Available at Destiny Creations

We are the leading manufacturers of modern ceiling light fixtures which includes:-

1. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are the classic lighting fixtures popularly used in modern homes, offices, and restaurants. These are hung little down to the ceiling, usually suspended by the cord or metal rod or chain. We have multiple sizes and styles of modern pendant lights according to the customer’s home interiors, choice and budget. These lamps save a lot of space and allow to showcase all the designing and creative sensibilities of home decor. They will indeed add the punch of elegance and sophistication, which is perfect for every interior. Also, to set the mood and tone of your buyers space, this lighting plays a vital role.

For most spaces, it might be possible that the entryway and foyer are very small or a narrow lane. So, instead of hanging huge wall hangings or any other lighting fixtures, embracing it with pendant lights is the smart idea. Your buyers can also be used to place it above their kitchen island to provide good illumination of the working area. Another smart way to utilize pendant lights is to add on to the reading books above the lounge chair. For instance, Cone shade pendant,  vanity glass pendant, etc are some of the popular choices for the customers from our section.

2. Modern Chandeliers

A chandelier is a decorative and distinct part that illuminates and spreads the aura of elegance in the room. Historically, they are the symbols of wealth and royalty as they were used in great mansions and royal palaces. They are perfect to define the style statement of the room decor and are blended with the modern and contemporary design of structures. Our collection comprises glass, iron, brass, and wooden chandeliers.

Due to its size, your customers can choose according to their requirements. Majorly, they are used in the entrance of homes, or foyer. In the living room halls, over the dining tables, and even in grand restaurant halls, chandeliers are used to create a stylish and inviting ambiance.

Destiny Creations: One-stop Destination for Modern Ceiling Light Fixture

We are sure enough the above details about modern ceiling light fixtures have set your hearts on and carves to buy for your customers. Also, you don’t have to compromise in quality as all our products are crafted with utmost precision, and therefore, we are known as the leading Wooden Handicraft Lighting Product manufacturers from all over India. Here you will find a wide range of fixtures in different styles, designs, sizes, shapes, and patterns. Also, we have budget-friendly deals and provide bulk orders. So if you are looking to purchase the perfect modern ceiling lighting solutions, we are just one call away.