9 B2B Lighting Trends for the year 2021

21 Jan 2021

We all seem to keep off talks about lighting until we’ve settled everything else about our home. But lighting goes beyond just fixing some bulbs anywhere, there’s a particular space for each light to be used. Making use of ordinary table lamps & wall sconces can ruin your whole interior décor. Hence, there is a need to put just as much importance on lighting, especially when you are an interior decorator. Now, what more? Perfect lighting can turn a simple interior into a warm and aesthetically bright room. And that’s our desire of a home.

To help you get started, we’ve put together these 9 lighting trends of 2021. Go for these and make your customers home shine through the new year.

Lighting Ideas for Your Home!

Environmental Friendliness

Anything that has a reference to nature is relevant in 2021. Hence pay attention to this natural-looking chandelier with an antique glass/iron finish material that can uplift the look of any of your interior space when installed. Available in various patterns, chandeliers from Destiny Creations can add liveliness to your customers home.

Shape simplicity

Lighting devices of regular shapes are still very popular. They include cylindrical shapes, spherical structures, clusters of balls, lampshades-cones, cubic shapes, and so on. You can adhere to this trend for simple lighting models even with a small budget. A good example is the Optical glass table lamp that comes with an antique silver finish. This lamp can add flexibility with dimmers for setting the mood.

Chandeliers as art objects

Installing chandeliers can be one of the conspicuous lighting ideas for homes. There are no restrictions on the choice of chandeliers. The iron/wooden chandelier with the antique iron + natural finish material would be great for any space.

Home Office lighting

Due to the pandemic, many are working from homes now more than ever. This is why more thought should be given to how homes are lighted as work offices. A simple wooden table lamp with etched antique zinc coating is a great example. It gives a natural look and feel, perfect setup to give office vibes even working from home.

Sculptural table lamps

The great designer, Martin Waller said, ‘Table lamps with sculptural shapes and bold designs turn your lamps into art’. A great example of this is the Glass Table Lamp with an antique pure silver finish material.

Replace bedside Table Lamps with Sconces

The first impression visitors take in at enterance is lighting, walls & space, wall sconces play a great role in this. One can try these iron/wooden wall sconce that come with antique iron + natural finish material. If the room is spacious, hang them on the outside of the bed frame. However, in a tight room, hang them directory above the bed.

Make bathroom lighting more dimensional by hanging a low pendant from the ceiling. A pendant such as the iron/wooden pendant with etched pearl + natural finishes material will do just fine. These are damp rated.

Pendant light trends

Pendants are similar to chandeliers. The difference is that they can give directed light along with diffused light. Pendants are well suited for lighting specific areas like a living room table or even a workplace. They have adjustable heights. An example of a trendy pendant is the Glass/iron pendant with hand etched glass + brass finish material. UL & CE Approved.

Bold statement pieces

Like Martin Waller said, "choose bold designs featuring interesting texture or colored glass to make a style statement." Light is a good way to throw a surprise in a room, to merge modern with traditional.

A simple yet elegant, antique glass table lamp adds a bold statement to any space when added.So far, you can see from this article, there are several interesting interior lighting ideas for homes in 2021 by destiny.

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