Top 4 Perfect Restaurant Lighting Ideas That Interior Designers Swear By!

13 Mar 2021

When you own a restaurant, it becomes quite essential to create an environment that makes the visitor feel better. When your customers feel better at your place they stay there for a longer duration and visit more often which is a boom for your business. There are numerous ways to make your space appealing to your customers but if you listen to interior designers then they will tell you to focus on restaurant lighting more to make the space more ravishing. You may agree or not but lighting plays an important role to make the interior of any place hit or flop.

If you are an interior designer or from an associate field and works on restaurant-related projects then you must know the importance of lighting solutions. If you are looking for exceptional ideas to impress your client then these Top 4 Restaurant Lighting Ideas will make work easy for you.

Low-Intensity Lighting

Low lighting is known for its relaxing attribute. Under low-intensity lighting at restaurants, visitors feel relaxed and stay there for a long time. This environment also gives the visitors a chance to stay away from public attention and have time of their own. Also, restaurants with low lighting have an easy time creating a romantic and friendly environment for their customers when asked. If the owner has asked you to create an intimate environment then without thinking twice you must opt for low-intensity restaurant lighting.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is generally used for decorative purposes but if you play smartly then you can make the most of it by placing it in the correct places. Accent lighting can be a visual treat for your visitors while brightening up space. Also, as a smart interior designer, you can use this lighting to highlight art pieces, sculptures, paintings, and specific areas present in the restaurant.

Task Lighting

These lights are an important part of every restaurant ambiance and as a smart interior designer, you must not miss utilizing them. Task lighting helps customers and restaurant employees perform their tasks easily. You can also use this type of restaurant lighting to lighten up the walking aisle, restrooms, and kitchen areas or billing counter.

Smart Lighting

Restaurants generally work for a specific time of the day and as an interior designer, you are well aware of the fact. Options such as smart lighting are very important for every restaurant as they can be adjusted according to different meal times such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Smart restaurant lighting can be utilized to create different environments according to customers' moods easily.

Popular Restaurant Lighting Solutions

Besides the above-mentioned lighting ideas for restaurant interiors here are the 4 most popular lighting solutions and their uses that can further help with your work.

1. Pendants

Style Your Restaurant With Beautiful Pendants

Pendant lighting is one of the most popular forms of lighting that you will find in every posh restaurant. This lighting variety is very flexible and can be utilized very easily by interior designers. The thing that makes Pendants  an amazing restaurant lighting is their variety as they can be purchased in different sizes and colors.

Use: Outline Key Features and Specific Areas of Any Place

2. Table Lamps

Restaurant Lighting Solutions - Astoinishing Table Tops

After the customer enters a restaurant and chooses their sitting area, their table is all that matters to them, this is the reason why table lamps are as important as any other restaurant lighting. You can choose different sizes and designs of table lamps according to different sitting areas and the placement of tables.

Use: Provide perfect lighting to a specific table to make reading menus and having meals easy

3. Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces are big in the trend and as an interior designer, you must utilize them well for your perfect restaurant lighting. These lights look very beautiful and make the space more ravishing. Grasping the demand, more and more wholesale lighting providers are focusing on making wall Sconces available.

Use: Can be used as soft ambient light or direct task lighting.

4. Chandeliers

Enahnce Your Restaurant Look with Classic Chandeliers

Chandeliers can act as a statement lighting option for any restaurant. The amazing thing about chandelier lighting for restaurants is they fill the space with unmatched elegance and grace easily.

Use: Can be used as atmosphere lighting or to create a focal point

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