Contemporary Lighting Ideas That Can Revamp Living Spaces

04 Feb 2021

Indeed, stylish furniture, decorative pieces, and carpets are essentials to uplift the look and feel of any living room décor. But, adopting some contemporary lighting ideas can complete it and set the aura of that room. Any space will look dull if you haven't put the right lightening to it and that's why adding a stylish source of lighting is important. It not only illuminates the sophistication and beauty of every space but also the functionality.

Lighting is essential but it can only be done if put in the required amount and properly placed in the required areas. Not too dim or too bright. One may need bright light to read a book or trace their keys on a remote from under the couch. But dim light is perfect when watching the TV or enjoying dinner with family. Check out some of the best contemporary lighting ideas in this blog that can change the whole look of the space, but are also practical to needs.

To give any living room a balance of light, Destiny Creations is a one-stop solution to your lighting requirements. It provides you with various products such as wall sconces, table lamps, pendants, and chandeliers that accord any room and functionality. The products are fully compliant with UL, CUL, CE, Australia to provide customers with the guarantee of the product.

To start with, here are a few options that will transform the look and feel of the customer’s space in no time. To check those keep reading down till the end and get your doubts cleared.

These Contemporary Lighting Ideas Will Transform Customers’ Living Room Into A Castle

1. Flower vessel-like table lamps

If the buyers want to go for simplicity and beauty, table lamps that resemble flower vessels are the best options. The lamp illuminates a small part of the room where they are needed. You can use the light without inconveniencing the rest of your family members when using the dimmer lights. When not in use, the lamp serves as a piece of art or décor on the table, and yes will definitely give your space an astonishing look. Besides, you can choose from wooden, glass, or silver leaf colored table lamps. With all these contemporary lighting ideas, you can illuminate your room while adding some sophistication to it.

 silver leaf colored table lamps

2. Pendants, Wall Sconces

Pendants & Wall Sconces are included in almost all the contemporary lighting ideas. The product comprises a mixture of materials like Glass, Metal, Wood Brass, etc. in Small, Medium & Large shapes all in exotic finishes. Our items are composed of 99% pure silver, baked to 500°C Luster in soft hues, hand-etched to mouth-blown glass bodies. Available as Metal Coated Wooden Lamps, Pendants, and Wall Sconces, the product comes with red hot hand-beaten iron fittings & bases. All the products are designed, manufactured, finished, inspected & packed by Destiny Creations Pvt. Ltd. for 100% export. The ideal design & quality of this product makes it easily available for importers from a source.

Metal Coated Wooden Lamps

3. Chandeliers

From 2 to 24 lightings, that is from the bathroom to the lobby, Chandeliers are suitable for any space they spruce up. Made of Iron, Forged Iron, Wood, Brass, Glass, Aluminum, and a combination of all materials to manufacture a range of Chandeliers, Pendants, Wall Sconce. We believe in supplying finishes that are never seen before by enhancing the value and lending an aura of harmony and sophistication to every space they are installed in. Chandeliers are used in damp-rated bathrooms, wet-rated outdoors. They are certified to use In a lobby, living, dining bar, and bedrooms to give the buyer’s space an aesthetic appeal. Made by Destiny Creations, our products are highly rated and strictly marked available for only a few customers.


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Whether you are looking to spread the warmth of lights in your customer’s space or wish to install lights with cool vibes. We have lighting systems for the ambiance desired.

Browse through our wide spectrum of lightings that serve as artwork beyond fixtures. We hope these contemporary lighting ideas serve you as an inspiration!